How to: Full Wig Making with Closure

The Purple Pack Brazilian Boutique Hair is a showstopper. With three bundles and a matching 4″ deep lace closure in a natural Brazilian-inspired texture, you can make a flawless boutique-inspired wig that’s easy to wear and affordable. Making a wig yourself cuts costs and saves time. Follow these steps to construct your own wig and slay!

What you’ll Need:

  • Purple Pack Brazilian Boutique Virgin Sleek Pressed
  • Spandex Wig Cap
  • Mannequin Head
  • Shears
  • Bonding Glue
  • Curved Needle
  • Black Thread
  • Tea Pins
  • Optional: Elastic Band

Step 1
Place spandex cap on head and mark where you will place your closure (you can use a white eyeliner pencil).

Step 2
Start by sewing down the closure. Place closure on the center of wig cap and secure with T pins. Sew the perimeter of closure onto the wig cap.  Tie up the closure to keep it out of your way.

Step 3
Next, closely glue down 4 – 5 rows of the first bundle starting from the nape area and moving upwards.This will allow for more volume. Be sure to allow glue to become a little tacky before attaching to wig cap. Then, continue laying the remaining bundle leaving more space in between the tracks.

Step 4
Once you’ve reached the closure be sure to lay a track around the perimeter of closure. Be careful so that the glue does not touch the hair.

Step 5
Flip over the wig and cut spandex covering the lace area.

Optional:  Flip wig inside out and sew on elastic band for additional security.

Now you can rock your look and tell everyone who gives a compliment “thanks, I did it myself!”

4 thoughts on “How to: Full Wig Making with Closure

  1. Jean Sherer says:

    I received gift of Outil Batik Ocean Body 18″, 20″ 20: 22″ , 4″ deep lace parting closure, black. I am new to hair pieces. Is this product synthetic hair or real hair? Is their a suggested retail price? I am considering trying to mreplace it with different color locally. Very nice

    • Shanice says:

      Hey Jean! Our Batik line is synthetic, not human hair. The suggested retail price varies by location. I suggest checking with your local beauty supply store or favorite online wig/weave retailers!

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