Pink. It’s the color associated most with being the essence of feminine stereotypes; of being dainty and coy. But hair, beauty and lifestyle content creator TastePINK is anything but dainty. She’s her own loudest cheerleader and she’s brimming with pride in the work that she’s done over the years. TastePink is a guru of sorts, molding any unit that crosses her path into her own liking with the bravado of one who’s unafraid of a challenge. It takes courage to put oneself out there, yet she’s not only forged her own platform but used it as an opportunity to educate her nearly 200K followers on everything from sleeping in big crochet hair to her very personal weight loss journey. She’s the opposite of coy delivering beauty to all in her own way, and we jumped at the chance to chat with her about her platform and why she does it all. 

What prompted you to become a beauty and hair blogger? 
I wanted to become a hair and beauty blogger because I knew that I had some sort of creativity within me that I wanted to debut to the world. I know there are people who feel the way that I do and who want to experiment with their hair. This was a great outlet to just go full fledged.  

What are you most passionate about? 
I’m most passionate about giving back. I really do like to take the time to show others the way, and give back when I can. I think that’s a true indication of who you are as a person, and how far you’ve come along on your journey. 

What are you the most proud of about yourself? 
I’m the most proud of my progress and I’m very open about that with my audience. I don’t shy away from my growth and my evolution so I’m always inviting people to journey with me, and just watching the changes over time to becoming a better version of myself. I’m very excited about that. 

When did you first start blogging? 
I first started blogging when I was in college adjusting to the new environment and also wanting to find more people who I identify with. It was definitely a way to just reach out and connect with others. I started and I haven’t looked back since. 

What is your favorite part about blogging? 
My favorite part about blogging is the fact that people share in my same experiences and we can connect, [and also] the constant inspiration and encouragement from them and the fact that they try the same things that I try. They go out and buy some of the same hair and makeup products that I use. I think that’s just so amazing and I’m really grateful for that. 

Why is pink your favorite color? 
Pink is my favorite color because it makes me feel good. I know that sounds crazy, but pink is my life. It’s an expression of who I am as a woman, it’s vibrant, it’s so vivacious, it’s just lively, and I think it’s a true representation of who I am.  

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