Your Passport to Poppin’ Hair: Our Summer Hairstyle Guide

It’s midsummer and if there’s ever been a time to book that flight and disappear into a new place for a while, it’s now. Of course, once you’re travel deets are locked in, you’ll have to consider what to wear and, if you’re like us, hair is number one on the list. Luckily for you, we won’t let you forget your passport to poppin’ hair. Check out our 4 favorite vacation hair styles below and prepare to be first class and flawless.

Half Up Half Down

Quick Weave Penny
Quick Weave Penny

Wearing your unit half up, half down is super cute, easy and very wearable. Grab your curly half wig, like the Quick Weave Penny or Quick Weave Stunna and pull the front half it up into a ponytail, using bobby pins and hair ties as needed. You can even step it up a bit by accessorizing with a headwrap or head band. A half up, half down is great for the journey to your destination or for that lazy day at the beach or by the pool. You can even add a bang if you’re going for cool girl status.

Pinned Behind the Ears

Lacefront Jada
Lacefront Jada

This one is super simple and practical! All you need is a few bobby pins and a center part unit, like the Lacefront Jada. Tuck a few hairs behind your ears and pin those same sides down for a secure and easy style. Or for a little something extra, add a braid to the side instead of the bobby pins. Spend less time pushing strands out of your eyes and get some sightseeing in. You’ll thank us later.

Low Ponytail

Lacefront Tamar
Lacefront Tamar

Are you noticing the theme of simplicity here? This next one is another on-the-go style that’s very functional and very cute. For this one, you’re going to want a unit with some length like Quick Weave Annie or Lacefront Neesha or a fully curly unit like Lacefront Tamar. This look can be customized with or without a part, baby hairs, or bangs and can be very sleek or tousled. You’re on vacation though, so we suggest wearing whichever style you normally wouldn’t. Live a little.

Full, Shoulder-length Curls

Lacefront 4c Coily
Lacefront 4c Coily

Let your hair down, but skip the extra heat with a shoulder-length curly unit. Dance the night away with an easy, breezy (literally) unit like Lacefront Shay or Lacefront 4c Coily. What a better time to go big or go home then a night out on the town with a unit that screams #slaycation?

There you have it. 4 of our favorite styles that will take you from the plane to the pool and everywhere in between. And don’t forget to show off your Outre travel club status by using the hashtags  #SlaycationHair and #OutreHair! Bon Voyage.

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    Hello, my name is Breanne Powe I have been wearing wigs for 7 years I am a true Wig Lover, I was wondering how dose one become a model for wigs?

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  3. Juanita Williams says:

    What are the best detangling products to use on my ocean curl 360 lace front? These tangles are by far the worst coming straight out of the box to day 1 of wearing.

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