Outre Hair 101: What is Velvet Remi Edges?

Here at Outre, we are obsessed with creating beautiful and innovative products for all of your hair needs. One in particular is the need for the perfect base for a flawless pixie, bob or other edgy style sew-in. While our Velvet Remi Tara series is perfect for these trendy styles, sometimes the whole pack is not necessary. This gave us an opportunity to bring you all something unique and fun: Velvet Remi Edges.

Pre-portioned for your convenience, Velvet Remi Edges offers the exact amount of quality 100% Remi Human Hair you need to create the most natural-looking tapered hairline at the nape, back and sides. Each pack offers 2” and 3” tracks that can be used wherever you want it, however you want it, to customize your edgy style. It can be mixed and matched with other Velvet products as well to create a customized look completely your own!

Tomeka James, hairstylist and  team leader of the Weave X-perts, shows us exactly how to use this new product to achieve a trendy, edgy wig.

What You Will Need:

  • Styling scissors
  • Shower Cap
  • Chin Straps
  • Stocking/Wig Cap
  • Clear Masking Tape
  • Hair Bonding Glue
  • Salon Scissors
  • Razor Comb
  • Spritz
  • Flat Iron
  • Needle + Invisible Thread
  • Velvet Remi Edges Color 1B
  • Did you miss our #Facebook Live? Check out this quick tutorial on how to recreate this edgy look. For the full video check out our Video section.

    Posted by Outre on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

    Step 1:
    Braid down your hair in the desired braid pattern.

    Step 2:
    Place the shower cap on your head and tape it down tightly.

    Step 3:
    Place the stocking cap over your taped down shower cap and apply glue all over. This will “freeze” the stocking cap into shape and prevent the wig from shrinking.

    Step  4:
    Attach the chin straps on both sides of the stocking cap that sit right above your sideburns and nape of your neck.

    Step 5:
    Optional: You can flat iron the hair to make it easier to work with.

    Step 6:
    Start cutting the tracks into strips, using the bonding glue to attach the 3” hair at the nape of the neck and work your way up to the occipital bone, aka the mid-back of your head, with the shorter 2” tracks being attached along the left side of your head all the way to the front of the stocking cap.

    Step 7:
    Take out your Velvet Brazilian Deep Twist 12’’ hair, and begin cutting the tracks into strips. Then start attaching the hair with the bonding glue to the front right of your head where you’ve left empty space on your stocking cap.

    Step 8:
    To create a closure, cut the remaining Velvet Brazilian Deep Twist 12” into smaller and smaller parts and use your bonding glue to attach towards the middle of your head around in small circle, where it meets the Velvet Remi Edges hair until it creates a tiny hole. Then, take a tiny piece of the Velvet Brazilian Deep Twist 12’’ that you’ve cut, roll it into a circle, apply a little bonding glue and insert it into the space.

    Step 9:
    Go through the Velvet Remi Edges with your razor comb and taper the nape, crown and sides of the hair to your liking for a close and sharp finish.

    Step 10:
    Go through the Velvet Brazilian Deep Twist 12” with your razor comb and trim to to your desired style and length. Finish with mousse.

    Step 11:
    Remove the wig, and then remove the shower cap underneath. Use a blowdryer on the cool setting to dry the hair glue from inside the wig so that the shape is maintained.

    Step 12:
    Enjoy your very own edgy, customized wig!

    Whether you want to amplify or refine your look, Velvet Remi Edges is the perfect foundation for your pixie, bob, or edgy style needs!

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