Frontals & Closures 101

Simply Silk Lace Frontal 12"

In the ever changing hair industry, Outre keeps coming up with more and more creative hair options to make the process of styling hair and completing entire looks even more seamless, with ingenious pieces such as frontals and closures. These two hot items are the topic of a lot of discussion, as well as confusion. We’d like to clear the air, and give you our take on both.

For those of us who aren’t familiar, a frontal is a hair piece that covers the front portion of your head from ear to ear. Similar to a closure, but different in that a frontal covers the entire front of your head/hairline, whereas a closure typically only covers the top crown area. What’s great about frontals is that they fully protect your natural hair, as it is completely tucked away for the duration of the hairstyle, and look amazingly natural.

Simply Silk Lace Frontal 12”

Simply Silk Lace Frontal 12"

With 13” of lace spanning from ear to ear for full hairline coverage, and a 4.5” deep lace parting area, the Simply Brazilian Silk Lace Frontal is perfect for those looking for styling versatility and a most natural look. The knots in the parting space are invisible so no bleaching is needed, and the scalp color is very natural-looking and mimics the look of the wearer’s scalp. What makes our frontal unique is that the hairline is contoured for a more comfortable fit, and baby hairs are added for the overall naturalness of the finished look. This frontal also comes in Natural Straight and Natural Body styles. Definitely an item to snatch up from your local beauty supply or favorite online beauty retailer.

On to the next! What exactly is a closure? Closures refer to an oblong or circle shaped lace piece that has hair attached to it. They are placed in the middle, or slightly off-center, of your head depending on where you choose to part your hair, and they are used to make your final look more natural when rocking a full head of weave.

Here at Outre we’d like to think that we know a thing or two about closures since we have multiple lines that carry them! Check out the range of options we have below:

Velvet Remi Full Lace Closure 12”

Full Lace Closure 12"


This closure comes in a 12” length option and with 100% individually hand-tied strands, will blend very well with your scalp color, and can be easily customized through plucking and bleaching. Depending on what kind of parting you desire, you can install the piece either in the middle or to either side for your perfect finish.

Velvet Brazilian Yaki Lace Parting Piece

Lace Parting Piece Yaki 14"


This closure comes in 14” length, different colors, and is very high in hair density. It even has a “Concealer Effect” (a flesh-colored fabric that is attached underneath the lace) that creates even more of a natural appearance and less work for you or your stylist when working towards that final fabulous look! The “Concealer Effect” fabric is great because it’s softer on your natural hair for an even more comfortable wear for the duration of your finished style.

Simply Silk Lace Closure 12”

Silk Lace Closure 12"


The Simply Silk Lace Closure comes in a 12’’ length, and Natural Brown and Natural Black colorations, with freestyle parting and invisible knots, which means you don’t have to bleach them! The soft silk lace is less irritating to the scalp and natural hair underneath, and creates more of a realistic scalp look. While you do have the option to further customize the parting space, it’s one less step to worry about in achieving your final look.

Simply Brazilian Hand Tied Lace Parting Piece

Hand-Tied Lace Parting Piece 16"


With fuller density, hand-tied knots along the parting for a more natural look, and an undetectable, flatter lace base, Simply Brazilian Hand-Tied Lace Parting Piece offers an easy, highly customizable experience for those who are looking for more of a natural look with something that’s even less work, but doesn’t skimp on quality. Available in a range of styles, and in both Natural Brown and Natural Black colorations, this closure is designed 16” long to give you and/or your stylist more hair to work with to achieve the final desired style.

Simply Lace Parting Piece with Concealer Effect

Simply Lace Parting Piece 10"

Last, but certainly not least, we move on to one of the most versatile closures we offer: our Simply Lace Parting Piece with Concealer Effect. The purpose of the “Concealer Effect” feature is to mimic the skin tone of the wearer through a soft, thin flesh-colored piece of fabric attached underneath the lace. This means no concealer necessary, and also lessens irritation on the natural hair underneath the closure for the wearer’s comfort. Our Simply Lace Parting Piece with Concealer Effect comes in five different textures (Natural Curly, Natural Deep, Natural Kinky Curl, Natural Straight and Natural Wave), while serving up 10” of hair to style into your very own look. This range also comes in Natural Brown and Natural Black, and since the hairs are closely knotted together in the parting area, they can be easily plucked and customized.

While we do understand that shopping for frontals and closures can be a very time-consuming and confusing experience, we hope that this has been informative and educational to help take the guesswork, time wasted, disappointment, and unnecessary expense out of purchasing these items for you to ultimately achieve your desired styles. 🙂

For more product info, be sure to check us out at and for any questions or concerns you may have, leave us a comment below. To find these products, head to your local beauty supply store or online retailer.

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  1. Isis Imani says:

    thank you outre is my favorite choice of hair. can I get natural afro human hair in a 14 inch? I know if it is out there outre has the best. These closures are the bomb!

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  3. Corsha Antley says:

    Can I curl the hair that I have? It’s the Brazilian boutique virgin sleek pressed hair (purple pack)

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  4. daniel says:

    i wanted to know if i could color the outre simply 7 and products should i use so that the hair doesn’t shed? colors that i can only wear is red and light golden blonde.

    • OutreTalks says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! The Simply Perfect 7 was designed to be bleach and dye friendly. Now this hair will shed a bit, because it is non-processed human hair as does all human hair. But you can decrease the amount of shedding by using a little natural oils like Argan and Moroccan oil can help tame your hair and provide extra moisture for your hair. Also co-washing to revive the hair on a regular basis. Let us know if you have any other questions and we will gladly assist you. 🙂

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