Darya Latham – Meet the Makeup Artist behind Outre’s incredible looks

Behind the brushes with a celebrity makeup artist. Meet Darya Latham, the makeup artist behind the amazing Outre looks, as well as the looks of endless celebrities from R&B singer K. Michelle, to actress Naturi Naughton. We sat down with her to learn more about her and her career.

Read on to see what she has to say about the industry, as well as her tips & tricks for applying gorgeous makeup looks.


1. How did you get started doing makeup as a career?
I got started in my early 20s by doing makeup for my friends and neighbors for their special occasions.The interest and obsession grew from there. I was always heavily into art, music, fashion and beauty so I believe it came naturally. I started my career at Estee Lauder. They were more focused on skincare which is the foundation of a great face, however, I needed more of an artistic challenge so I eventually ended up at MAC a few years later which then inspired me to become a freelance artist.

2. What’s it like getting to “beat” celebrities’ faces?
Doing celebrity makeup can be nerve racking but definitely exciting and very rewarding. I work very well under pressure and I have had amazing experiences working on set with my celebrity clients.

3. Would you say you have a signature makeup style? And if so what would that be?
My signature makeup style is very clean, finished, and photo ready. The eyes are always the focus and they are well defined. I’m also known for making my clients look very glamorous but natural, and I think that’s how women really want to look… Polished, but not overdone.

4. What inspires your style of makeup?
A clean, yet dramatic makeup look always inspires me. There are certain makeup artists who I definetly admire, legends in the industry like Kevin Aucoin Scott Barnes, Sam Fine, Billy B, and Roshar. I love makeup looks from the 20s and the 60’s. Im constantly influenced by art and culture and current trends.

5. What do you feel you bring to the makeup industry that’s unique?
I feel that I am definitely one of the most versatile makeup artists in the industry. I can do almost anyone’s makeup and I tend bring out both their inner and outer beauty. My clients feel amazing on set and they project that into the camera. It is a very rewarding feeling. I love what I do and I try to give 110% every time.

6. What tips would you share for aspiring makeup artists?
For inspiring makeup artists out there; Perseverance, consistency and professionalism is key. Network with others, take pictures of your work, market yourself as much as you can by using social media or any other marketing forums that work for you. The makeup industry is vast and there are many aspects of the beauty industry to delve into and become successful. Stay focused on your goals and dreams and make them into a reality. Its so true that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

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