All about the Braidless Crochet Method with @Simsimstyles

how to maintain braidless crochet braid

With crochet braids all the rage, we partnered with one of the best natural hairstylists in NYC, Simone Grant (@simsimstyles), to film a tutorial on how to create gorgeous styles with our X-Pression Cuevana Twist hair for crochet braiding. As soon as we posted our video, we were overwhelmed by the positive response. Many of our viewers had questions for Simone on her unique techniques, and we reached out to her to get the answers firsthand.

Read on to learn more about this talented stylist, and see what answers she has to your questions.

braidless crochet with simsimstyles

1. What is your favorite part about braiding?
Seeing the end results and the boost of confidence my clients get from one of my hairstyles.

2. What do you envision for the future of braiding?
Braids will always be in style no matter what. It’s a timeless hairstyle.

3. Will the Braidless Crochet Method damage your natural hair?
The Braidless Crochet Method would not damage your natural hair but I do recommend you use smaller pieces if your hair is fine.

4. How do you take care of the braiding hair and your natural hair while wearing Cuevana Twist using the Braidless Crochet Method?
Your natural hair is protected from the beginning when you put you hair in the desire braid foundation for the crochet weave. While wearing the crochet weave if your have dry scalp , you can put a drop of peppermint oil in your regular moisturizer and massage on your scalp. Only put little tabs of it on your scalp. Please refrain from oils because when it get in contact with the hair, the hair gets very matted.

5. What kind of gel would you recommend for edge control?
[I would recommend they] use Hicks Edge Control.

6. Can you wear the knotless method (half-up and half-down style) in the pool or ocean? If so, how should you maintain the hair?
I don’t suggest you getting your hair wet because sometimes synthetic hair tends to get matted when reverting to its dry state.

Don’t forget to follow Simone on Instagram @simsimstyles for endless natural hair inspiration. And watch the video below to learn how to braidless crochet and recreate the style with our X-pression Cuevana Twist Braid!

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  1. Lex Plum says:

    She did an amazing job! I definitely have to try this braidless technique. The final styling was so beautiful on the model. Love it!

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