Born with a passion for hair and beauty, Tarika Caldwell was already styling hair around her local neighborhoods from a very early age.  Now, licensed for more than 14 years, she found that breaking into a bigger city allowed her to mature her natural abilities and skills.  After attending New Direction Hair Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, she continued to expand on her knowledge to become an expert in weaving, locking, coloring, cutting, waxing, and natural hair care.  Today, her specialities include a variety of weaving techniques, locking, and proper natural hair care.  With her knowledge and expertise, she continues to study new techniques and stays on top of the latest style trends & products to provide the most superior service to her clientele.

“My ultimate goal is to listen, understand your needs, respect your hair, and give [you] exactly what [you] want…and then some. I am a versatile hair stylist, which means no task is too big for me. I can do anyone’s hair from any walk of life, and I feel very comfortable in doing so (natural, relaxed, silky, or kinky). I am very thankful with the path That God paved for me!”

Read on to learn more about Tarika and her life as a hairstylist…



What’s your favorite part about being a hairstylist?

My favorite part about being a hairstylist is being able to be versatile and creative in my craft! I also love to see the positive effects and changes that we make in people’s lives by making them beautiful.


I get to help others express themselves, generate confidence, and ultimately even help spark life in others. Additionally, I get to express my creative self, and help others see the beauty that was always there.


Which OUTRE product is your favorite and why?

I use a wide range of OUTRE products. My favorite being the Velvet weave line! These weaves give the hair a vivacious look & feel which are great for sew-in installs.


What tips do you have for maintaining weaving hair?

5 Healthy Tips for Maintaining Great Weaves by @NoirNaturallyHair

  1. Treat the hair as if it is your own, and comb through it carefully avoiding harsh yanks and pulling.
  2. Shampoo it at least once every two weeks with little tension.
  3. Avoid putting any types of grease or oils in your weaves (i.e. olive oil sheen, polish, etc.). This will cause your premium hair to look cheap, synthetic and very heavy.
  4. Wrap your hair every night with a silk hair bonnet.
  5. Properly dry your hair and weave to prevent a smelly stench.


What hairstyle trends do you predict for Summer 2015?

The trend for the summer of 2015 is definitely long, big hair with color that suits your creative personalities!


Stay connected with Tarika for more inspiration & helpful tips!

Refuge Salon // 5515 Edmondson Pike Ste. 120 Nashville, TN 37211 // Phone: 615.932.0861





  1. Blessing Chuku says:

    I love hairs and have decided to build a career out of it. I sincerely need a mentor, a GOD fearing person to make my dream come true.

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