How to Do a Vixen Sew In with Velvet Brazilian

How to Do a Vixen Sew In

Learn how to do a Vixen Sew In with OUTRE’s Velvet Brazilian hair. In collaboration with one of NYC’s Vixen Sew In specialists, @HairByLin, our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to do a vertical Vixen Sew In with the newest addition to the Velvet Remi family.

Step by Step Guide

– Start off by sectioning the model’s hair about an inch around the perimeter and leave out the middle vertical cross-section of the model’s hair as well. Then, braid those sections down. Make sure to leave out enough hair to blend with the weave for a more seamless and natural look.
– Now, you will have two sections within the braided down leave out sections, which you will braid using the “Beehive Method,” going around in a circular motion.

– Begin sewing the weave from behind the ear going down, and sew from left to right until you reach the top, and then sew the last track across (as demonstrated) for a more seamless and flat look.
Note: We recommend doubling the tracks for more volume, and using the “Foldover Method” instead of cutting the tracks to prevent shedding.

– After completing the sew in, unbraid the leave out around the perimeter and middle cross-section, and spritz or apply a heat protectant on those areas.
– Next, flat iron the leave out smoothly so that it blends seamlessly with the weave.
Note: Normally, you would have to trim the beards (beards = short hairs along the weft) at this point, but Velvet Brazilian comes with a Precision-Cut Weft, so you can skip that step! 😉

– The best part about the Vixen Sew In is the unlimited styling options you have! Whether you want to throw your hair up into a high ponytail or bun, or braid it down into French braided pigtails, or simply leave it sleek straight, it’s up to you. Unleash your styling creativity!

Now, stay tuned for tips & tricks on how to maintain your Vixen Sew In. Coming soon!

Have you tried the Vixen Sew In? If so, comment below with your thoughts on this innovative new technique! We would love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “How to Do a Vixen Sew In with Velvet Brazilian

  1. Lee says:

    I am a Salon owner located in Windsor, Ontario. How do I go about getting wholesale prices on your OUTRE hair? I do not see any prices on your website here 🙁

  2. Terri Franklin says:

    I just found your website. I love it. I am white and have fine short hair. I watched your instructional video on making your own clip in hair extentions. I would likw to be able to do it for my hair and just have medium length. Is this possible?

  3. Shana says:

    Hi. I live in Maryland and i was just wondering if you guys shipped the Outre Velvet Brazilian Remi Yaki Hair in any beauty stores in Maryland

    • OutreTalks says:

      We’d love to help you find a store that carries our product in Maryland. Please check your email and let us know your zip code 🙂

  4. nia ranae says:

    is this for professionals or for anyone who actually knows how to do hair, and this site would be better if you guys would’ve put up pictures and prices on the website its almost like this is a fake website

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