Flexi Rods 101: How to Create Heatless Curls

Flexi Rod cheat sheet

Want to learn how to use flexi rods? Flexi rods are the perfect heatless curling method used on weaves, wigs, and natural hair to create the most beautiful, bouncy curls, without damaging your hair at all!

Available in varying thicknesses, flexi rods are 7” long foam rods that can bend and twist as you desire. By simply wrapping your hair around the flexi rod, and bending the flexi rod so that the hair holds, you can create gorgeous, long-lasting curls with zero damage from heat tools.

We tested out 6 different sized flexi rods, from 7/8” to 3/8”, and compared the curls for your reference. Now you can see which flexi rod to use to create which curl!

How to create heatless curls using Flexi Rods

*The instructions below are specifically for human hair weaves & wigs.

Step 1. Using a paddle brush, gently brush a section of the hair you would like to curl.
Step 2. Spray some water on the section of hair.
Step 3. Wrap the section of hair around the flexi rod several times, and roll the flexi rod up towards the scalp. Then, bend the ends of the flexi rod to hold the hair in place.
Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to complete curling your whole head, and wrap your head with a satin bonnet/scarf overnight.
Step 5. In the morning, release the flexi rods and let your curls unfurl!

how to use flexi rods cheat sheet

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15 thoughts on “Flexi Rods 101: How to Create Heatless Curls

  1. shayla says:

    Hello this was helpful but I find when I use the flexi rods that my curls don’t stay long. What is the purpose for spraying the water on the hair? Please let me know or any advice as to what else I may can try?

    • OutreTalks says:

      Hi Shayla,

      Working with slightly damp hair will create more defined curls than dry hair. If you work with dry hair, the curls would be looser than damp hair.
      After you set your flexi rods, we would also recommend wrap it with a satin bonnet or scarf and sleep with it overnight.

      To maintain flexi rods curls, you can pin curl it at night so that the curls last longer 🙂

    • OutreTalks says:

      Hi Faby! Thank you for your question! You do not need to use any product (gel or cream) for the hair to hold a curl. Simply spray some water on the hair before rolling it up with a flexirod. 🙂

  2. OutreTalks says:

    Hi Abby!

    It really depends on what kind of style you would like to achieve. For a bigger curly look, you can use purple or grey flexi rod.

    If you want to achieve a tight curly look, yellow or red flexi rods work better!

  3. Lauren says:

    Why is the 7/8″ smaller tighter curl then the 3/8″? It should be the other way around.
    The 3/8″ should give you the tightest curls. Then the 7/16″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 11/16″, and final 7/8″ should yield the largest curl.

    • OutreTalks says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Because the rod is more narrow, the 7/8″ curl is going to be smaller and tighter than the 3/8″ curl. 🙂

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