We’re seeing every shade of purple grace the heads of trendsetters everywhere – from the streets to red carpets. From ashy lavender pastels, to moody dark violet shades – we just can’t get enough.

Meet Jessica Allu aka JRabbit, the mastermind behind this stunning violet colored Velvet Remi hair. Achieving that color requires skill, and as a specialist in hair color, this up & coming stylist is definitely one to watch.

Read on to learn how she was able to achieve that color, and why hair coloring became her main focus.

Outre interview with hairstylist Jessica

Where did you get your nickname, “Jessica Rabbit”?
I picked up the nickname when I [had] red hair.

How long have you been styling hair for?
I have been styling hair for 3 years now.

Why did you decide to become a hairstylist?
I decided to become a hairstylist because it was the only thing I enjoyed doing. I didn’t mind going to a class to talk about hair! It all just became so interesting because I knew I had the abilities to do the physical craft. But I learned the chemistry behind hair and what it does and why it does those things.

Is hair color your area of expertise?
Hair color is my main goal I want to specialize in. I’m still learning new things about color, and seeing color be done more often, I can perfect my craft even more.

How did you achieve that perfect purple shade with Velvet?
I achieved my violet hair color using the Velvet Remi hair. I purchased a 27, which is like a level 8 in hair color. Since I bought it pre-lightened, I just deposited the desired color I was going for.

What is your #1 tip for maintaining a colored weave? How do you make sure the color lasts and the hair doesn’t get damaged?
#1 tip for maintaining [a] colored weave would be to purchase the correct color-treated shampoo and conditioner, if you’re not going to let your stylist maintain your color. The color will last, and [your] hair will not get damaged if it’s cleaned, combed, and taken care of daily.

Which Outre product is your favorite to work with and why?
Velvet of course! It’s reliable! You can get a quick weave or sew it in, and it lasts without having to do much. It flows so nicely with all my clients’ natural hair, and after coloring and watching the hair bounce back to its bouncy, natural looking strands, I knew it was my favorite to work with.

What hair trends do you predict for this upcoming season?
I’m a simple girl, so I see a lot of bone straight long hair, and natural length to the shoulder blunt bobs! And of course, sew-in’s.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Wow! In 10 years, I see myself successfully owning a salon in Jacksonville, FL, and a couple more places.

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