Style of the Month: Dip Dye Diva

Unleash your inner Dip Dye Diva with this fierce hairstyle. The bold fringe and bright red tips will give you a cool edge so that you can end this summer with a bang (literally)!

In this month’s Style of the Month tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how easy it is to trim your own bangs. Follow our steps below, and leave us a comment if you found it helpful.

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How to Trim Bangs with Outre Beat Brazilian Remi Burgundy Dip Dye Style

Step 1
Part the hair on both sides creating a triangle with the crown point as the center. Then, clip the rest of the hair back on both sides.
*We recommend using the arch of the eyebrows as your guide for where to part the hair.

Step 2
Beginning with the middle of the parted section, trim the bangs straight across right under the eyes. Then, using that line as a guide, continue trimming across both ends.\
*Trim away any excess or stray hair so that the bangs are even.

Step 3
Clip up the top 2-3 tracks of hair, and bump the hair below it. And then unclip the hair, and bump that as well.

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