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Loose Body


Loose Body

Available Lengths & Colors



  • 1, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 33, 4, 425, 613, F1B/30, F1B/33, F1B/350, F1B/425, F22/27, F27/30, F27/613, F30/33, F4/27, F4/30, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33, T1B/350, T1B/425
  • 1, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 33, 4, F1B/30, F1B/33, F1B/350, F1B/425, F27/30, F27/613, F4/27, F4/30
  • 1, 1B, 2, 4, 425, 950, DT30/1, DT425/1, LT1/30, LT4/2730

COLOR SHOWN FOR THIS ITEM: DT425/1 Dark Tipped 425/1

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