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Our History

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2008 – Premium Duby

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Latest Reviews

Product: Premium New Yaki

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brand of hair extensions. So beautiful! Highly recommended. [...]”

- NeNe1617 on Premium New Yaki

Product: GEM

“I just purchased this hair and I'm already in love. The quality is very amazing. I recommend to all good weave lovers! [...]”

- tibszhiggins on GEM

Product: Luxy Wave

“I absolutely love this hair. The shine and feel of it is wonderful and it curls beautifully. I will be buying this hair for now on. [...]”

- mizzarmstead on Luxy Wave

Latest Blog Posts

4 Days 4 Slays with Outre SwissX Vixen Wig

With Outre’s new SwissX Vixen wig you can enjoy the versatility of a vixen in sew-in with the flexibility of a wig! What more can we ask for? [Continue Reading…]


Pink. It’s the color associated most with being the essence of feminine stereotypes; of being dainty and coy. But hair, beauty and lifestyle content creator TastePINK is anything but dainty. She’s her own loudest cheerleader and she’s brimming with pride in the work that she’s done over the years. [Continue Reading…]

How to Dye Synthetic Hair ft. TastePINK and X-Pression Cuevana Bounce

We’ve teamed up with our fourth Outre Woman of the Year, TastePink for a DIY dye tutorial featuring X-Pression Cuevana Bounce. [Continue Reading…]

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